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Autofacade was founded in 2009 in Hangzhou with a vision to become a global leading supplier of window actuators for low cost and quality products. The company has been acquired by Hong Kong investor in 2018, and it is now a wholly owned foreign owned company.

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Weather Proof Spindle Actuator

Designed for use in outdoor with good Ingress Protection to IP 66. Ideal for natural and smoke ventilation application where the product are mounted externally and subject to harsh environment. Strong linear actuator for used in...


90°Side Opening Chain Actuator

Ideal for natural and smoke ventilation application. Specially designed double chain provides the stable operation for the side-opening widow application.


400N Chain Actuator Intelligent

This product has a microchip built in which makes it intelligent in the motor speed control and the force distribution. It is ideal for most of ventilation applications.


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" Thanks to the exquisite design and superior quality we have already possessed an admirable market presence in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Pan Pacific region."

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